The Marjan Khazar company has been the largest producer of health supplies in the country for more than forty years, nearly half a century of its productive activity and brilliant experience, and has a tremendous position in domestic and foreign markets.Using the technical know-how of the day, the company has been able to take active part in the highest level of international standards by using its experienced and experienced experts to monitor and accurately monitor the quality of its products.

Marjan khazar In the countries of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and the former Soviet republics, it is well known and accepted. Nowadays, the prices and quality of the Caspian corals are fully satisfied with customers.


Production Android Iranian valves with German quality approach of that time was at the head of the company’s goals. Shyralaty production based on technical knowledge and the use of local experts since the beginning of the company’s activity were considered.

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Marjan khazar having the right product to the consumer knows perfection and is always trying to comply consumer rights.


Sanitary valves Marjan khazar in line with the development of sales and marketing for its products, individuals and law firms eligible to sell Bank and the agency is invited.


The use of high technologies in production, the presence of smart devices, using high quality raw materials, the use of consultants and experts, visits of experts of the Bureau of Standards, ISO standards and principles of environmental health standards has led the output of the factory products and quality is good.

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