The company has a standard mark for the production of health barriers in the Marjan Khazar
The Marjan Khazar healthcare company has been the largest producer of health supplies in the country for more than forty years, which is about half a century, and the largest producer of sanitary napkins in the country. It has a very large position in the domestic and foreign markets. The Caspian Sea is using knowledge. The technical day and precise monitoring and control over the quality of its products and with the help of experienced and experienced experts has been able to attain the highest level of international standards in active presence.
The Marjan Khazar Healthcare Barrier Has :
Standard badge from Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran
ISO 2005 International Certificate for Quality Management from SGS Switzerland
Has a standard badge

Marjan Khazar Factory

Khavaran road, 10 km above industrial city Abbas Abad, Iwanaki industrial park, Azadi Blvd, Alley of development, Alley of tosee2

Marjan Khazar Office

Tehran, Golwandak road, 15 Khordad avenue, not reaching crossroads, Farvardin Nou Passage, lower floor, No. 16
Fax : 55814143-021

Tele : 55577535-021

Postal Code : 1114789415